The Tune-Up Update

-A new home screen provides better race navigation and allows you to see your car in all its 3D glory!
-The “Assistant” is a feature exclusive to the new home screen that informs you of tasks which would improve the team
-The fastest lap can now be viewed in the post-race standings
-Pre-Championship interviews are now available for specific championships which allow you to choose a reward after promoting
-A completely overhauled tutorial which aims to improve the understanding of core features and navigation in the game
-Can now pay Paddock Tokens to skip driver “Refusing to Negotiate” cooldowns
-60’s Car is available to claim for free for a week!
-Two new free liveries for the charity Special Effect
-The “GT Ice” livery replaces the “Open Wheel Ice” livery as the first-place prize for the global leader board
-Length of Defence Mode reduced by 60%

Tiers and Championships
-Reduced T3 A from 50 points to 40 points threshold
-Reduced T2 B from 100 points to 90 points threshold
-Reduced T2 A from 125 points to 100 points threshold
-Increased Tier 3 A PT promotion bonus from 8 to 25
-Increased Tier 4 A PT promotion bonus from 12 to 50
-Increased Tier 5 A  PT promotion bonus from 20 to 75
-Increased Tier 6 A PT promotion bonus from 50 to 100
-Changed the Möller Circuit Cup from Top 6 to Top 8 points

Drivers Added:
-Benjamin Pederson
-Bart Horsten
-Oliver Clarke
-Max Marzorati
-Hugo de Sadeleer
-Guanyu Zhou

-Khotso Masilela
-Rebbeca Clay
-Will Hume
-Liam Turton
-Claudia Dreyfuss
-Lorenzo Mori
-Genki Kawashima

-Max Hart to 58 OVR
-Carter Williams to 61 OVR
-Felipe Drugovich to 78 OVR
-Sacha Fenestraz to 79 OVR

-Santa Ana to 56 OVR

Bug Fixes
-Fixed instances of the game crashing after backgrounding the app mid-race
-Game start-up loading time has been improved
-Improved Android performance in races
-Fixed a bug that would make your team standings colour appear different to your race pips

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