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Weekly Driver Updates

It’s been another fantastic week of racing for our Motorsport Manager Online drivers. These drivers will be getting the following temporary traits to reflect their real-world results: [...]

Bug Fixes and Balancing Patch 2020.5

The latest update is now live! This update is designed to fix key bugs and improve game balancing.    Features -Added a News button to the new home screen. This allows you to access and re-read [...]

The Tune-Up Update

Features -A new home screen provides better race navigation and allows you to see your car in all its 3D glory! -The “Assistant” is a feature exclusive to the new home screen that informs you of [...]

Driver Updates

The latest patch expands our capabilities to improve and modify the game live to respond to real-world driver events.    Temporary Traits Every week going forward, some drivers will receive [...]


Motorsport Manager


Motorsport Manager Online takes the acclaimed race team strategy game online for the first time.


Create your very own motorsport team by hiring drivers and designing car parts, then compete against real managers from around the world in simultaneous 10 person multiplayer races.



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