Race With Friends Update 2020.2.0


-Race With Friends! From Tier 2 onwards, you can now create lobbies with your friends. Choose the track, weather and performance gap and find out which of your friends is the ultimate Motorsport Manager!
-Virtual Safety Cars arrive for all series from Tier 3 onwards: VSCs can trigger if debris is found on-track and force all cars to a capped speed limit for a short time
-You can now hide your strategies and powertrains from other players via the settings menu once you reach Tier 7
-You can now choose to not display your Facebook profile picture from the settings menu
-You can now secure your account via Apple ID


-Increased Steinmann’s trait Pit Repairs from +10% to +20% Reliability
-Added 4 levels of upgradable reliability to Kitano
-Added a new trait to the Kitano engine called Medium Focus, which gives Medium tyres a speed boost
-Increased Hammer’s base energy efficiency from 15 to 25
-Reduced Rossini’s base energy efficiency from 40 to 30
-Reduced Rossini’s Tyre Vents trait impact, swapped out Engine Cooling trait for a new trait which provides bonus overtaking when in red zone
-Added Party Mode as a purchasable engine mode for the Tectra
-Super Overtake is now 0.2 seconds a lap faster.
-Increased First Lap Setup to 2 laps
-Increased the energy usage of Eco Mode
-Increased the fuel usage of Party Mode


-New Drivers: Danial Frost, Jordan King and Caitlin Wood
-Matt Tifft: Swapped Pitstop Pro trait for a new trait Low Wheelspin
-Harry Chapman: Swapped Rock Solid trait for a new trait Insider
-Sebastian Buemi: Swapped Unyielding trait for a new trait Tactician
-Robin Frijns: Swapped Wet Pro trait for a new trait Late Braker
-Brenden Hartley: Swapped Feedback Pro trait for a new trait Slipstreamer
-Sam Bird: Swapped Big Finisher for a new trait Always Prepared
-Jerome d’Ambrosio: Swapped Tenacious trait for a new trait “Send It!”
-Fearless trait impact reduced at all levels
-We’ve increased the Overtaking impact of the driver’s overtaking stat during races
-Street Track Pro/ Oval Pro: Fixed a bug which was stopping these from triggering
-Reduced the trait Motivator’s L3 value from 10 to 8
-Reduced Oval Pro and Street Track Pro’s L3 value from 20 to 15


-Removed the strategy No.2 Driver
-Decreased Experimental Hybrid Mode’s use time and reliability tick and it now also freezes tyre wear
-Nerfed Super Attack by increasing tyre wear slightly and reducing its speed bonus
-Slightly buffed Final Push timecost from 1.5 to 1.75 seconds
-Reduced Bootstrap Power’s performance to 7.5 secs, the reliability drop now happens over time instead of instantly
-Defence Mode now freezes tyre wear when active


-Yokohama has been removed from all track calendars until the track-specific bug has been resolved
-We’ve fixed the bug which prevented players from using ERS modes once the race leader had crossed the finish line
-The pit cancelling exploit should now no longer be possible
-The maximum effective stat drivers can reach has been increased from 130 to 180. This means you should see more of a boost from strategies like Tyre Training on top tier drivers.
-Increased minimum reduction amount in red zone to make red zone ticks more consistent
-Reduced race entry fees in Tiers 1,2 and 3
-Tier 7 track roster has been reduced, with the idea to rotate tracks more regularly in Tier 7 in the future
-Formula E event race lengths have been increased slightly
-If a driver is removed from the game that you have invested in, we now have a system which calculates a Paddock Token replacement which takes into account the driver’s level and total XP you earned with them.

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