Motorsport Manager Community: Your most memorable wins

We’ve all felt that shot of adrenaline playing Motorsport Manager when we cross the finish line in first place. It’s a great feeling when all those hours spent tweaking your car, hiring the right team and learning to manage the in race experience come together for the victory.

But we also know that there are some race wins that mean more than others. Whether it’s a victory grabbed from the jaws of defeat (or second place which, you know, is basically a defeat) or a commanding triumph from the front, winning in style matters.

Earlier this week, we asked you on Twitter to tell us about some of your most memorable victories in Motorsport Manager. And here are some of our favourites.

Beating illness

Sometimes our champion drivers fall sick and there is nothing much we can do about it. Scuderia Quantistica, or ScuderiaQ on twitter, was in a tight spot when lead driver Sara Thomas caught an untimely cold and their back up – Bjorn Bjelland – was, erm, a less than ideal replacement.

But on this day, Thomas’s absence wasn’t felt. As Scuderia said to us, Bjorn was able to overcome his defective abilities to succeed.

Pray for rain

If there’s one thing we know about motorsport, it’s that rain changes the game. So it’s no surprise that some of the most memorable wins from the MM community.

Alec Swatton, or SwattonAlec on Twitter, was tailing 17th and 18th when the rain gave him the luck he needed. While all the other drivers were changing their tyres to wets, Alec chose intermediates. Against all the odds – and what would be considered normal weather in Italy – he swept to victory.

Alec was not the only one to luck out on well placed tyres. Chris Maxson, or ChrsmaxsonChris on Twitter, was sitting in the middle of the pack in Russia when the rain arrived. With nothing to lose, he shifted to inters late in the race and came out ahead of the pack.

Season defining wins

Who doesn’t love the idea of winning a tightly fought championship in the final race? That is exactly what happened to Charles Hibbard. He went into the final round in a three way fight for the driver’s championship and squeaked home after the final race by exactly the same number of points.

Niclas was another racer who grabbed victory in the final race of the season. But his win was arguably even more satisfying than Charles’s win. Despite starting at the back of the grid, getting off to a dreadful start and having a green driver going for the title,  a well timed safety car and a decisive strategic shift won him the day.

That first victory

Finally, we had to give a shout out for one of the most important victories that a manager can have in game: the first one.

Glence Joseph loved his maiden win so much that it sparked both a love for the game and the feeling that he could drive an actual F1 car to victory. For that Glence, we salute you!

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